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A Foodie's Guide to the History of Ghee

What is that one ingredient that makes an Indian cuisine truly desi? A spoonful of pure ghee on top. Clarified butter or ghee is the cornerstone of Indian cuisines and has continued to rule the kitchens here for centuries. Moreover, it is also gaining widespread popularity in the western countries where it is deemed as a super-fat which is lactose-free and Paleo-friendly.

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Fun Facts about Milk

As a mother, you probably have been through the hardest time of your life trying to make your kids drink a glass of milk. The beverage has quite a reputation among kids; which makes it harder for mothers to make them understand the importance of drinking milk.

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Impressive Facts and Benefits of Eating Curd Every Day

Curd is a staple in Indian kitchens. From adding texture to curries, preparing salads, buttermilk, pairing it with daily meals, to enjoying a fresh bowl of curd with a pinch of salt or sugar on a sunny afternoon, it is one of the most versatile dairy products. Curd is prepared by curdling or coagulating milk and adding safe and edible bacteria to it.

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Introduction To Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms, especially yeast or bacteria that are highly beneficial for your body’s digestive system. Our body is full of both kinds of bacteria, helpful and harmful and probiotics fall in the former category because they aid in keeping the gut healthy by improving or restoring the proper functioning of the gut bacteria.

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Types of cheese

For some people, imagining a world without cheese is difficult. It is one of the most loved dairy products that play a key role in a lot of cuisines. Cheese is high in nutritional values. If you know how to use it in your dishes, cheese can add tremendous flavors to your food.

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