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Importance of Dairy products in a child's diet

A child who eats well is a child who performs well. Healthy and balanced meals that include dairy and other nutritious foods provide your children with the right energy - they need for school, sports, and all other activities.

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Tips to Plan Meals for Children and teens who are not eating well

As per several studies over the last decade or so, 2.9% to 14.3% of Indian children are now obese and around 1.5% to 24% of them are overweight. And junk food is known to be one of the biggest contributors.

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Why Should I Opt for Fortified Milk for My Child?

As compared to adults, the nutritional needs of young children are considerably different as they are still developing and growing. Everything children’s consume should be loaded with a wide range of important vitamins and minerals to help them grow.

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