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Power Of Dairy

Do you know the benefits of including dairy products such as Curd, Ghee, Buttermilk, and Paneer in your child’s diet? These dairy products are an excellent source of energy, loaded with essential nutrients and are very tasty. Now when your child says no to milk, make sure you include these products in your child’s diet.

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Delicious Dairy

Smoothies, Milkshakes, Ice creams, Cheesecakes, Mousse, Custard, and Pudding are some delicious dairy products that can be easily made at home and are rich in nutrients. Add these delicious dairy products to your child’s diet and ensure that your child does not get easily bored with only milk. These delicious dairy products will keep your child well-hydrated, refreshed, happy and healthy. Read to know other benefits of these delicious dairy products.

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Dairy - Did you know ?

Children who drink milk regularly during their teens and preteens, tend to grow taller. India is the largest ghee manufacturer and consumer. Curd not only aids digestion, weight loss, improves heart health but also is commonly used for skincare and haircare.There are more than 50 types of cheese in the world. Don’t you think these facts are intriguing and fun? Read to know more interesting facts about dairy products.

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