Impressive Facts and Benefits of Eating Curd Every Day

Curd is a staple in Indian kitchens. From adding texture to curries, preparing salads, buttermilk, pairing it with daily meals, to enjoying a fresh bowl of curd with a pinch of salt or sugar on a sunny afternoon, it is one of the most versatile dairy products. Curd is prepared by curdling or coagulating milk and adding safe and edible bacteria to it.

But while curd is very commonly used in Indian kitchens, do you know that it is also loaded with a host of health benefits? If you are looking for reasons to add curd to your diet, here are some of the most important ones.

1. Contains Essential Nutrients

As curd is prepared from milk, it also contains a number of essential nutrients. It has fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Moreover, curd is also one of the best sources of calcium and protein, two of the most important nutrients for bone and muscle health. Consuming curd on a daily basis can help you consume the recommended daily intake of many different essential nutrients.

2. Aids Digestion

As mentioned above, curd is prepared by adding bacteria, namely Lactobacilli, to milk. This bacteria is completely safe for humans and is actually probiotic in nature. This bacteria replaces the harmful bacteria from the gut which are responsible for a host of digestion-related disorders.

Even if you have an upset stomach or inflamed digestive system, curd can be an excellent home remedy.

3. Help with Weight loss

A large number of people believe that eating curd on a daily basis can make them fat. But scientific studies suggest otherwise. Many new studies have actually confirmed that having 1 bowl of fresh curd on a daily basis can actually help you lose weight. This is mostly due to the high content of calcium in curd which helps in preventing the formation of cortisol in the body.

Cortisol imbalance is known to cause many different types of disorders such as obesity and hypertension. With daily consumption of curd, the fat cells in the body release a lower amount of cortisol to aid weight loss. Moreover, as curd is also an excellent source of protein, it keeps you satiated for a longer duration. This ensures that you do not binge on other foods that are fattening.

4. Improved Heart Health

Coronary heart diseases are consistently rising in India even in people in their late 20s and early 30s. Sedentary lifestyle and uneven diet pattern are two of the biggest reasons for the same. Curd can be an excellent way to prevent such diseases.

Curd is scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol levels in the body to prevent blockage of arteries and ensure smooth blood flow. It helps in improving the overall functioning of your heart and also helps in reducing blood pressure.

5. Effective Skincare and Haircare

Curd is also very commonly used for skincare and haircare. It contains zinc, vitamin E, and many other nutrients that benefit the skin in multiple ways. This is the reason why curd is so commonly added to a host of homemade beauty products.

Moreover, the lactic acid present in curd is known to provide minerals and nutrients to the hair and scalp. Problems such as dandruff, dry and dull hair can be effectively treated with the help of curd.

Side-Effects of Eating Curd Daily

While curd offers a host of benefits, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are planning to consume it on a daily basis. You should avoid having curd at night as it could lead to the development of mucus and conditions like cold and cough.

Moreover, you should prefer having curd without any sugar or salt in it if you want to have it daily. Prefer adding it to salads or pair it with your afternoon meals. And just as with everything else that you eat, avoid having too much of curd on a daily basis as it could result in side-effects such as constipation.

Give special attention to the type of milk you use for preparing curd. Avoid full-fat milk and prefer milk fortified with vitamin D and calcium as it is healthier and has fewer calories.

The Many Benefits of Curd

As you can see, curd is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and can help the body in many different ways. If you are looking for a healthy addition to your daily diet, you can definitely consider curd for its health benefits.

It is also an excellent choice for kids who do not like drinking milk. This will ensure that your child receives the benefits of dairy, which are very important in their growing up years, in a simple and effective way.