Types of Cheese

For some people, imagining a world without cheese is difficult. It is one of the most loved dairy products that play a key role in a lot of cuisines. Cheese is high in nutritional values. If you know how to use it in your dishes, cheese can add tremendous flavors to your food.

But did you know that there are more than 50 types of cheese in this world?

Yes! That is correct. Cheese does not only refer to those cubes and slices that you buy from the supermarket. The world of cheese is massive, and knowing the types of cheese is quite important before you buy and use them.

Various Types of Cheese

There are many different kinds of cheese in the market. Each one of these differs in taste, flavor, and smell. Understanding the different kinds of cheese and their characteristics can help you choose the right one for your household. Here is a list of cheese that is perfect for consumption.

1. Brie

Brie is a soft cheese and is known as the “Queen of cheeses”. It originated in France and is made from cow’s milk. Brie cheese has a soft center and a chewy rind surrounds it. Brie has a creamier flavor than other similar cheeses. Brie goes well with wine, fruits, and cured ham.

2. Blue

Although Blue cheese is actually an entire family of cheeses, some stores label them as a specific kind of cheese. These types of cheese have blue, blue-green, or blue-gray spots or veins because of molds. Blue cheese is fermented in the presence of “Penicillium” cultures, which gives them a unique flavor and look.

Some examples of Blue cheese are Roquefort, Stilton, and Gorgonzola.

3. Mozzarella

Mozzarella is one of the most prevalent cheeses in the world. It is a soft cheese of Italian origin. Traditionally made from buffalo milk, in modern days Mozzarella is also made from cow, sheep, and goat milk.

Mozzarella has two main types- fresh and dried. Fresh mozzarella is consumed within a few hours of making while dried mozzarella is used in dishes such as pizza.

4. Cheddar

Originating in England, Cheddar is a very popular type of cheese. Made from cow’s milk that looks pale yellow, Cheddar offers distinctive taste depending on how long the cheese was aged. If aged for a shorter time, Cheddar has a soft texture. If cured for longer, it has a crumbly texture.

Cheddar can be eaten as is, or with grilled sandwiches.

5. Parmesan

Parmesan is a hard cheese that originated in Italy. It should not be confused with Parmigiano Reggiano, a cheese with protected status and can be produced only in certain regions of Italy. Cheeses similar to Parmigiano Reggiano are called Parmesan.

Parmesan is made from cow’s milk and it is straw colored. It is hard and has a nutty taste. Parmesan can be grated over various foods like pasta, soups and, salads. It can also be eaten on its own.

6. American

American cheese or processed cheese is prepared from a blend of milk, milk solids and milk fat. It is the cheese that is found commonly in all supermarket aisles. This kind of cheese is available in three forms- slices, sliced blocks, and large blocks.

American cheese has good melting characteristics. And therefore, it is used in a variety of fast food dishes like burgers and sandwiches. But, it has very high fat and sodium content and is considered unhealthy.

7. Cottage Cheese

Originated in the Indian subcontinent, Cottage Cheese, or more commonly known as Paneer is a type of fresh cheese. This type of cheese is frequently used in Indian cuisine with a soft, moist and crumbly texture. Cottage cheese is white in color.

Cottage cheese has lower fat content than other types of cheese and is a good source of protein. It is used to make a multitude of Indian dishes like Mutter Paneer, Paneer Kofta and so on.

Which cheese is the best?

There are hundreds of different types of cheese in the world. Each cheese has its distinct characteristics and flavor. Be it the Blue cheeses or the processed American counterpart, these savoury delights can be enjoyed in many ways.